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Songs in the Belarusian language.

  • These songs should not be added to other categories - there are not enough of them to justify additional categorization yet and we don't want to mix them with Ukrainian songs
    • Exception: You should still add these songs to "needs" categories like "needs chords"
  • If this is a Belarusian variant of a Ukrainian song
    • Add the Belarusian lyrics under a "Беларуская" header
    • Create a redirect from the Belarusian title to the Ukrainian title
    • Put the REDIRECT in this category. Do not add the Ukrainian title to this category (unless they happen to be the same)
  • If this is a Belarusian-only song
    • Add the Belarusian lyrics under a "Беларуская" header
    • Do not put anything above that header
    • Add the song directly to this category

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